Researching Celebrity and Young People’s Aspirations

This page is for materials on how we did the research for use by teachers of sociology and research methods.

Much more will be available later in 2014, for now here’s a video about discourse analysis, a link to all our interview schedules and five short posts on how we did the research.

Five short posts about methods

1. Schools are really busy places so often don’t have time to help our with research. Here’s some top tips for negotiating access to schools.

2. When doing research, it’s important to centre your work on your participants but this can also be difficult. Here’s a discussion of dilemmas in designing youth-centred research about celebrity.

3. Many people who fund research now want the data to be archived at the end so that other researchers can use it. Here’s a discussion of ethical and practical issues that are involved in archiving data.

4. It can seem like collecting data online raises no ethical issues compared to observing or interviewing people. But as people make more use of this ‘big data’, they are increasingly encountering new ethical problems. Here’s a post about how online researchers can cope with the vicious racist and sexist material that circulates through the internet.

5. Lots of people talk about coding data as if it were obvious what that means. Here’s a post that gives some practical details about the coding process including how to use computer software to help.

Laura Harvey Talks Discourse Analysis

All our interview schedules



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